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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Inspiration: Throw U'r Fears to The Wind (Bernard Oates)

You've sang it for so long
Your solitary song
Time after time
You saw the chance slip through your fingers
Cold light of dayWhen love has gone away
Out on your ownAnd all the nights you never knew that

Love tried to find you
So many times It was just one step behind you
So turn around
What do we got to lose?
Let's take tonight before it's over
I'll open my heart for you
Just let your love go free
What do we got to lose?
Baby throw your fears to the wind
Baby throw your fears to the windI know how you feel
But it's time for scars to heal
So from now on

Don't look behind you. Now you're walking.
Out of the night. And straight into the light.
This time around. You know your dreams cannot be broken.
Sometimes love hides. And spins you around in circles
This time don't hide. Don't walk away
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